VH-MWI     Beech 70 Queen Air                        (c/n  LB-2)


                                     The 70 Queen Air was basically an A65 with the longer B80 wings and cabin accommodation
                                     increased for up to 11 passengers.  Only 35 of this variant was produced.   The prototype (c/n
                                     LB-1) was N7485N.     VH-MWI was essentially the first production model (built as N8070R)
                                     and imported in Australia in 1969.  When Geoff Goodall took the above photo in June 1978 at
                                     Perth it was one of many Queen Airs in the Civil Flying Services fleet.  It is still on the register
                                     and Phil Vabre took a shot of  it in June 2006 (below), outside, at Tooradin, Victoria looking
                                     somewhat bedraggled.        Following that are a couple of images showing -MWI in Masling
                                     Airlines livery.  The upper one from the CAHS collection taken at Mascot in the 1970s, whilst
                                     final shot is by Greg Banfield and was at Bankstown in July 1970.