VH-MVP  Victa Airtourer 100                                   (c/n  48)


The shot above of -MVP by Greg Banfield shows it whilst it was with the South Coast Aero Club
                                  at Albion Park, NSW in December 1965.   The photo below, by Bob Neate (via Geoff Goodasll)
                                  was taken out in the stubble field at Condobolin some 20 months earlier, in April 1964.   This Air-
                                  tourer was withdrawn from use in 1984 and then sat for six years until it was restored in 1990.  At
                                  that time it was given the 180 h.p. Lycoming O-363-A1A engine as used in the original larger Victa
                                  Aircruiser and painted in an attractive red, white and blue scheme.   Unfortunately it was destroyed
                                  in a crash when the engine surged and then cut out just after departing Camden, NSW airport on
                                  15 August 2003.      The pilot turned to port to attempt to return to the airport, but had insufficient
                                  altitude to do so.  The aircraft crashed in the yard of a house approximately 1 km from the end of the
                                  Camden runway.  Sadly, the female pilot was killed.