VH-MVF  Victa Airtourer 115                              (c/n  19)


                                     VH-MVF on the line at Adelaide Airport in April of 1966. Photo by Geoff Goodall.   It was
                                     probably the smallest craft on the tarmac at that particular time.  The shot immediately below
                                     taken by Ken Oram (via his son, Mike) shows the aircraft in its nice white and two-tone brown
                                     scheme, before it was delivered   Note day-glo red tips, very common at the time.   VH-MVF
                                     is still current (registered in NSW) and sports a striking (some, like myself) might say hideous,
                                     yellow and blue paint job.  Phil Vabre saw it thusly adorned in August 2011 (foot of the page).
                                     Put it like this, I much prefer its original appearance forty years ago as seen in the upper and                    
                                     lower photos.   In October 2008 I received image # 3 below from Peter McCarthy, now MD
                                     of AMC Consultants Pty Ltd of Melbourne.    That's Peter with -MVF when it was with the
                                     Broken Hill Aero Club in 1971.  Following that (photo # 4) is an historic shot of -MVF at the
                                     1963 Royal Easter Show in Sydney, as seen at the time by Greg Banfield.