VH-MVA  Victa Airtourer 100                     (c/n  1)


                                          Greg Banfield took the above photo of the first production Victa Airtourer doing an engine run
                                          outside Victa's Bankstown hangar on 21 November 1962.    Its was finished in two-tone green
                                          and white, with dayglo red wing and tail tips and spinner, and wearing a 'P' for Prototype marking
                                          on the dorsal fin.   Airtourer historian Doug Stott identifies the personalities as:

                                                        In the cockpit,  Alan Everett, Service Manager, and in front of the port wing
                                                        Factory Works Manager Arthur Stout talking to (suited) designer Henry Millicer.

<>                                     This aircraft was later converted into the first of the series 115 models and Geoff Goodall's shot
                                          immediately below shows it at Bendigo in December 1965 in that guise   The next image is another
                                          rare one by Banfield showing the aircraft at Bankstown in late 1962 just after being converted to
                                          take the 115 hp Lycoming O-235 engine.  This historic aircraft is still active and is currently regis-
                                          tered and wearing its immaculate original green and white livery, as seen in the Doug Stott photo
                                          at the foot of this entry, taken at Swan Hill, Victoria in March 2006.  (It is now, mercifully, sans the
                                          dayglo red tips!)