VH-MUZ  Victa Airtourer 115                                (c/n  106)


                                         This Airtourer was at Maitland, NSW in April 1977 when the above shot was taken by Greg
                                         Banfield.    A decade later (in May 1986) Greg saw it again (below) when it appeared at an
                                         air show at Luskintyre all decked out in camouflage and sporting D-Day invasion stripes on the
                                         wings.  (The rego is barely discernible above the fin flash - comes up well if I enlarge Greg's
                                         original image).   Some owners will go to extremes to 'warbird' their aircraft.  (I once saw an
                                         American Aviation [Grumman] AA-1B given similar treatment).   -MUZ is still current and
                                         is based at Benalla, Victoria.     Mercifully, it appears to have been restored to its original Victa
                                         livery scheme.