VH-MUU  Victa Airtourer 115                                       (c/n  12)


                                        An early production Airtourer, VH-MUU was initially delivered the Royal Queensland Aero
                                        Club in March 1963 as VH-RQP     The club disposed of it in October 1964, registering it
                                        –MUU so it could keep its –RQ block intact.      The Airtourer was with the South Pacific
                                        Aero Club at Port Moresby when it suffered an accident in November 1968.        The club
                                        repaired it and it returned to the register in December 1969.      David Carter photographed
                                        it soon after, in early 1970, parked in  Hawker de Havilland’s Beech sales hangar at Banks-
                                        town.       On January 8, 1976, the Airtourer crashed near Cairns and was written off.     Its                               
                                        remains were stored and 25 years later, in December 2001, it  returned to the register as
                                        VH-LVU, fitted with a 150hp engine to enhance its aerobatic performance.   It wore a quas-
                                        RNZAF colour scheme and used to perform on the air show circuit, flown by Mike Poole,
                                        in company with an AESL-built example.  –LVU was current in November 2016 and based
                                        at Riddells Creek on Melbourne’s north-western outskirts