VH-MUD  Beech K35 Bonanza                                  (c/n  D-5881)


                                            VH-MUD was imported into Australia by David Knight, of Coonabarabran and was registered
                                            in April 1967. Knight, who had previously owned Bonanza VH-GPA, had purchased the 1959
                                            model sight unseen from California where it had been N246K.       He flew it across the Pacific
                                            himself   . Knight switched to a twin and sold –MUD but would later return to owning more
                                            Bonanzas including VH-BKM, a Model A36 in which Knight and his wife lost their lives near
                                            Tenterfield on September 24, 2005.           David Carter’s photo above of –MUD dates from
                                            1978 when he saw it at Bankstown.    Around that time it was owned by a pilot from the NSW
                                            Central Coast.     It was current in November 2016 and registered to an owner from Nyngan,