VH-MTI  Victa Airtourer 100                            (c/n   127)


                                         Registered in July 1965, VH-MTI suffered an accident at Blinman, South Australia on 29 Nov-
                                         ember, 1969.   And there its story might have ended except a month later Airtourer VH-BWS
                                         c/n 88 crashed in  South Australia.     The two wrecks were turned into one craft, –BWS pro-
                                         viding the wings and –MTI the fuselage and its future identity . The rebuilt aircraft was restored
                                         to the register in August 1973 owned by Don Bunn, of Albury and a famed restorer of de
                                         Havilland aircraft     David Carter’s camera caught –MTI at Canberra in 1976 on the occasion
                                         of a major air show.       It was current in November 2016 and owned by Gerry Lawson, of