VH-MTC  Victa Airtourer 115                           (c/n 112)


                                  The images above and below are by Geoff Goodall, while photo # 3 is from Greg Banfield, and
                                  # 4 at the foot of the page is courtesy of the Aero Club of Southern Tasmania. .    .The top one
                                  shows -MTC at Jandakot, WA in October of 1969 in original status and livery.   In September
                                  1974 it was converted to 115/A1 standard and hence the photo immediately below taken in March
                                  1977 at Serpentine, WA shows it with the 150 hp engine, and sporting a less than (in my opinion)
                                   illustrious paint scheme.  Greg's photo ( # 3) illustrates -MTC as it was seen at Hoxton Park, NSW
                                   in February of 1987 now bereft of all adornment save a brief cheat line.  Still current, it now sports
                                   spatted undercarriage and a sharp red, white and black color scheme as shot # 4, taken at Cambridge,
                                   Hobart in the early new millennium, shows. .