VH-MSK  Mooney M20 Mark 21                     (c/n


                                   Originally imported as VH-TMJ in July 1966 for WA Mooney agents Winterbottom Tractors of
                                   Perth this Mooney was quickly sold on to Mining Supplies of Kalgoorlie WA, and re-registered
                                   VH-MSK the following month.   By the time Geoff Goodall saw it (above) ay Jandakot in Nov-
                                   ember 1969 it was owned by the civil engineering form of J.C. Stott, Pty Ltd.  In his second shot
                                   (below) Geoff saw it again at Perth Airport in 1977, wearing a new paint job. .. Note DC-8 in the
                                   background which was operated by the British carrier IAS Air Cargo who, at that time, had a twice-
                                   weekly run from Perth to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia carrying frozen lamb.  (I lived in Riyadh in 1981
                                   and would frequent the local supermarket [souk] looking for this very lamb!).  -MSK is no longer
                                   on the register.