VH-MPQ  Callair A-9A Quail                                          (c/n  1219)


                                   The above shot was taken by Eric Favelle (via Geoff Goodall) at Bankstown in February 1968.
                                   The Callair was owned, at the time, by Ord River Crop Control Pty Ltd of Kununurra, WA,
                                   although operated for them by Kun-Air Krop Kontrol.   On 16 January 1970 -MPQ ran off
                                   the runway during takeoff in a strong crosswind at Farm Hill airstrip and was badly damaged.
                                   It was struck off the register the same day and its fuselage was dumped outside the hangar at
                                   Kununurra where Geoff Goodall took the shot below in October 1975.    Callairs had spruce
                                   wingspars, the idea being that they would shear off in a crash, rather than transmitting the load
                                   to the rest of the airframe.