VH-MPN  Callair A-9A Quail                               (c/n 1127)


                                         Whatever it was that Super Spread used to paint their name on the fuselage was obviously not
                                         very long wearing.  Having said that, top dressing aircraft took a terrible beating from the residue
                                         of whatever it was they were spraying.   I recall seeing some sprayers Moorabbin where one
                                         literally had to scrape the stuff off with a knife.   Geoff Goodall took this one from a lofty perch
                                         at that very airfield in January of 1969.  Ken Tilley's image of the same machine (below) display-
                                         ing a very crudely painted rego, was taken at Shepparton, Victoria, in 1990.  Its C of A was
                                         revoked by CASA in 2006.