VH-MPG  Callair A-9A Quail                                             (c/n  1128)


                                     Western Aerial Services - Cunderdin, reads the titling on this Callair.  Geoiff Goodall took
                                     this shot at Jankakot, WA in May of 1972.   Not too many of the Callairs imported in the
                                     mid 1960s are still on the register (not unusual given the harsh life they led).  This one is,
                                     however.  It is registered to an owner in Victoria.   The Callairs that do exist are mainly
                                     used as glider tugs, although VH-MPG was used as an advertising banner towing aircraft
                                     in the 1980s, whilst it was still at Jandakot.   It was also, at one stage,  (see the Ken Tilley
                                     collection shot below) all dressed up as "The Red Baron".  In many aviation acolyte's eyes
                                     ugly = kraut.  Ergo it should be the perfect mount for the dastardly Manfred von Richthofen                             
                                     in mock battles.  I rest my case.