VH-MPA  Callair A-9A  Quail                               (c/n 1063)


                                 Some 25 Callair A9s were imported into Australia in the mid-1960s through the distributor in
                                 Bankstown, Aerial Agriculture Pty. Ltd.   Soon after production got under way in Afton, Wyo-
                                 ming, Callair was taken over by Inter Mountain Manufacturing Co.  Notwithstanding, I shall
                                 continue to refer to them as Callairs on this website, rather than IMCO machines.  IMCO was
                                 in turn purchased by Rockwell International in 1966 which continued to build the Quail under
                                 its Aero Commander Division before shifting its production to Mexico in 1971 in a joint venture
                                 with AAMSA..  The last A9s were produced in 1984.  The aircraft resembled the Piper Pawnee
                                 so much that they were really hard to tell apart.  Both shared the 235 hp Lycoming O-540 engine.
                                 This one was operated by Western Aerial Services of Cunderdin, WA, where this Geoff Goodall
                                 shot was taken in July of 1968.  VH-MPA was formerly N8297H.      It became VH-AZE in the
                                 late 1980s and was used as a glider tug for the Lake Keepit Gliding Club in NSW after its top
                                 dressing days were done.     John Wheatley's color shot below has faded unfortunately, although
                                 it is clear that by the time it was taken in 1971, -MPA had acquired a different color scheme.