VH-MOR  DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10                             (c/n  C1/0260)


                                        The Latrobe Valley Aero Club of Morwell, Victoria had four Chipmunks in the late 1950s -
                                        VH-MOA/MOB/MOE and -MOR, seen above in this shot by Neil Follett taken at Moorabbin
                                        in December 1959.  It was written off in a crash on 3 September 1961 at Traralgon, Victoria..
                                        The take-off from the color slide (below) is courtesy of the John Willis collection (via Geoff
                                        Goodall), and was taken around 1959.    John was CFI at the Latrobe Valley Aero Club Club
                                        at one time.