VH-MOA  (2)  Victa Airtourer 100                                 (c/n  3)


                                    The Latrobe Valley Aero Club, based at Morwell, Victoria, purchased the third production Airtourer,
                                    seen above in March 1965 at Parafield (photo by Geoff Goodall), still wearing its R.M. Ansett Air
                                    Race number (a year after the event).   John Wheatley saw it in the hangar some years later (below)
                                    in a 'variation of a theme' paint job.   Latrobe owned five Airtourers in the mid 1960s (but only four                         
                                    at one time). VH-MOA was the first and was originally built as VH-MVT.        It is still flying and is
                                    currently registered to an owner in Temora, NSW.