VH-MMU   Fokker F-27 Friendship                         (c/n  10258)


                                  Theoretically outside the 'window' of my original collection, this photograph by Merv Prime
                                  was acquired to illustrated my book "Airlines and Airliners of Yesteryear'.   In the event, no
                                  publisher evinced interest in doing it, and hence I will include both this and VH-MMV in my
                                  website collection, since they are very nice images.  MacRobertson Miller leased this F-27 in
                                 1966-67 from Philippine Airlines and named it 'Mabuhay' (a generic Philippine word closely
                                  allied to 'Aloha' and meaning pretty much anything you want it to mean - normally 'Welcome'
                                  or some such).   It returned to Philippine Airlines as PI-C512 and then went on to Alisarda
                                  in Italy as I-SARO.