VH-MMB (3)  Fokker F.27 Frierndship                 (c/n  10186)


                                        Despite its early registration, VH-MMB was the last of some half dozen F.27s operated by MMA
                                        to join the fleet, not doing so until August of 1970.   It was a 'previously owned' machine, operated
                                        by LTU in Germany as D-BAKU (having been recycled back through the Fokker factory for refurb-
                                        ishment as PH-FSG).    It did not stay with the MMA division of Ansett long, for by March 1971 it
                                        was sold to East West Airlines.     Geoff Goodall's two images show it (above) at Perth in March
                                        1971, just before the sale to EWA and (below) at Albury, NSW in June 1972 in EWA colors.    It
                                        returned to Europe in July 1978 when it was to Air Executive in Norway, becoming LN-NPH.