VH-MLS  Piper PA-25-235  Pawnee B                                 (c/n  25-3809)


                                 Danny Tanner's shot (above) ot this fairly late model Pawnee was taken at Cootamundra, NSW in
                                 July 1988, a decade later than Geoff Goodall's photo below, which was in a shed (one could hardly
                                 call it a "hangar") at Albury, NSW, in May 1967.      It was owned by Border Aviation Agriculture
                                 Pty Ltd originally although had become a glider tug in latter years.  Possibly it was in that status in the
                                 time of Danny's color photo.  I am not sure what the significance of the 'M" on the rudder was.   Still
                                 current, it is earning its living nowadays as a glider tug for the Canberra Gliding Club in Australia's
                                 Capital Territory.