VH-MKF  Beech 36 Bonanza                                                    (c/n E-30)

                                 What happened to the "H" on the rego?  I was tempted to paint it in, but this is the way that John
                                 Wheatley's original photo shows.   Not sure if that is the venerable Mr. Wheatley standing by this
                                 stretched straight tail Bonanza or not.    The model 36 was a full six seat machine with four cabin
                                 windows on each side and double rear doors on the starboard side.   Photo probably in the early
                                 1970s and probably at Darwin.  Any counter-actions to this latter assumption, folks?   First regis-
                                 tered in September 1968.  On 15 July 1988 the aircraft was in the circuit to Jandakot Airport when
                                 it suffered fuel starvation and crash landed some 2 km north of the airport.     What happened was
                                 this:   It turns out that the decal indicating the fuel tanks was incorrectly reversed.  Later it had been
                                 corrected with a red water-based pen.  This correction had subsequently warn off leaving the Pilot-
                                 under-Instruction to inadvertently select the left fuel tank instead of the right. The Pilot-in-Command
                                 having unsuccessfully trying to restart the engine, elected to concentrate his efforts on making a
                                 controlled forced landing.  The nosegear collapsed and the aircraft overturned.  .