VH-MJS  Beech A23A Musketeer                             (c/n  M-1077)

                                        -MJS weres the initials of this Musketeer's original owner – in reverse. SJ Middleton, of Sydney’s
                                         Bellevue Hill, registered  new in September 1968.    By the mid 1970s it was based in Melbourne
                                         and was probably visiting from there when David Carter saw it at Griffith in 1977     . From July
                                         1987 to February 1990 was withdrawn from use.   Corrosion was a major problem with Musk-
                                         eteers and that may have been the reason for its absence.  –MJS was out of action again for more
                                         than two years         . In October 1992, it was sold in the Netherlands as PH-MJS and remained
                                         current there in October 2016.