VH-MHT  Auster 3                             (c/n  635)


                                       VH-MHT was built in 1945 to an RAF contract for Auster AOP Mk.IIIs. It was allotted serial
                                       NJ797.  In the event it more than likely went straight to the RAAF becoming A11-49.  It was
                                       struck off charge in 1955 following a crash 20 miles N.E. of Canberra and was civilianized in
                                       1960.  Geoff Goodall took these two images, the upper one being at the 1965 Swan Hill air-
                                       show, whilst the lower one was at Armidale, NSW in 1967.  It was completely restored in 2013
                                       including original glasshouse cabin and liveried (of course) as a 'war-bird' as seen in Phil Vabre's
                                       photo at the foot of the page taken at Kyneton in May 2014.