VH-MGB  Piper PA-22-150 Tri-Pacer                  (c/n  22-6867)


                                     VH-MGB was first registered on 18 September 1959 as a PA-22-160; although was converted
                                     in February 1970 to a -150.  Then on 12 August 1975 it reverted back to a -160.   It was struck
                                     off the register on 30 September 1985 and then restored on 1 March 1993 as a -150 again.  I
                                     wonder to what use were the alternate power plants put whilst being recycled through this airframe?
                                     Greg Banfield saw it (above, as a -150) at Camden on 23 September 1973.  As is the case with
                                     several Tri-Pacers, it was converted to tail dragger status, and Phil Vabre saw it recently (below,
                                     in April 2011) at Echuca, Victoria.