VH-MFF  Cessna 185D Skywagon                       (c/n  185-0934)

                               Here's a Missionary Aviation Fellowship Cessna resplendent in its black, yellow & white color
                               scheme at Kerang, Victoria in March 1966.  When aircraft down from New Guinea were finished
                               with their overhauls at Ballarat, Mafair would send them off for a few days around Victoria and
                               NSW country towns to conduct "Mafair Field Days" - really a barstorming tour to promote Mafair
                               and their mission work, with joyrides and raffles to raise money.  VH-MFF was the former N1563F,
                               and was, in fact, new to the Australian register when this shot was taken, not yet having "gone north".
                               At an unknown date the engine was changed from a O-470F of 260 hp, to an O-520-O of 300 hp,
                               and the designation changed to A185D.   In 1974 with the advent of independence it was transferred
                               to the PNG register as  P2-MFF.