VH-MEJ  Piper PA-22-108 Colt                                      (c/n  22-8929)

                                          Formerly the Civil Flying School's VH-CFC this Colt was reregistered -MEJ in April 1963
                                          to Millard O’Sullivan Aviation of Perth    . It was damaged at Ballarat on October 8, 1972
                                          and was off the register until June 1975.      Some sources say it was rebuilt as a taildragger
                                          but David Carter’s picture taken at Coldstream, Victorian, in November 1978 shows it still
                                          in its original configuration   . Converting PA-22s to taildraggers was all the rage in Australia
                                          in the 1980s and –MEJ was eventually one of them.       In April 1995, the Colt was sold in
                                          New Zealand as ZK-MEJ.    Despite suffering an accident at Manawatu on August 1, 2015,
                                          it remained current to a Palmerston North owner in October 2016.