VH-MEC  Cessna 182D Skylane                        (c/n   53552)


                                     As you will see on many other images in this collection, it was the "in" thing in the early 1960s
                                     to paint the registration as small on the fin as could be gotten away with.  As with several other
                                     entries I have enlarged Greg Banfield's shot to show the identity of this aircraft (below).  Greg
                                     advises that it was finished in a rather attractive green and white color scheme.  Photo was taken
                                     at Mascot on 14 December 1964..  As late as 1998 it was converted to a tail-dragger and re-
                                     registered VH-PBH for Peter B. Hazelton.   Jim Bell saw it at Avalon, Vic in 1999 (foot of
                                     page) as such.  It has now been exported to New Zealand as ZK-MJP and is owned by
                                     Malcolm and Morgan Price. The aircraft currently is equipped with oversize tires, and is
                                     presumably is used in a "bush" role, and oddly, carries a 'Cessna 185' legend on the fuselage.