VH-MDK  Cessna 180D                                          (c/n  18051050)


                                This 180 came in from Indonesia in October 1968.   It had a rather interesting history inasmuch as
                                it was first regsietered in September 1961 to Miluva (Missieluchtvaart/Mission Flight Service) in
                                West Irian as JZ-PTI.   The aircraft was a donation from Pope John XXIII, which he granted after
                                seeing pictures from the crashed JZ-PTH.   When Indosenia took over West Irian the Cessna was
                                re-registered PK-RKI.  In Oz, it appeared to have participated in several rallies from time to time.
                                Danny Tanner';s shot above was taken at Broken Hill, NSW in November 1978 when it was spon-
                                sored by radio station 4GR Toowoomba, Qld in a rally.   Withdrawn from use in 1984, it languished
                                somewhere until restored in 2009 when it went to New Zealand as ZK-BZP.