VH-MAN  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                    (c/n  12647)


This was the former Butler Air Transport's VH-AKR, sold to mandated in June 1957.. N The image
                                         above, from the Ben Dannecker collection illustraes it in New Guinea prior to the Ansett takeover as
                                         Ansett-MAL .   It was sold to Air Nuigini in 1973 and became P2-MAN.   It was re-registered in
                                         1975 as P2-ANY.  Sold off in March 1980, it went to the US as N55392.   In 1993 it was sold to
                                         the Mexican Air Force as a museum exhibit and is preserved, I believe, at Santa Lucia Air Base with
                                         the serial ETM-6046.