VH-MAL  (1)  de Havilland D.H.104 Dove                       (c/n  04120)


                                     This shot of VH-MAL was taken in Bankstown whilst the aircraft was being prepared for
                                     delivery to Airlines(WA) Ltd where it was to be re-registered VH-AWE.  Originally delivered
                                     in 1948 to East African Airways, it was registered VP-KEJ and named 'Swahili'.  Mandated
                                     Airlines purchased it in 1951.  After a little over two years service it was sold, along with
                                     VH-MAB, to Airlines (WA) Ltd in 1954.  In 1955 it went to Southern Airlines in Melbourne
                                     and was re-registered VH-GVE.  Click on this for more history and also an image of it as
                                     VP-KEJ.    A very nice contemporary shot of it as restored in the Queensland Air Museum
                                     can be seen at: