VH-MAC  (1)     Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                         (c/n  13587)

                            Built as a C-47A-5-DK, this Dakota saw service in the RAF in India as KG720.  Civilianized
                            in 1948 as VH-BFW, it was re-registered VH-MAC in 1951.   The above shot was taken at
                            Eagle Farm, circa 1959  by Peter Reardon.  The photo below was at Mascot in 1955 by
                            Jim Dyson.  Photo No 3 is from the Bob Neate collection and shows the aircraft in PNG in
                            the late 1950s.  At the foot of the page is a photo by Robert Blaikie taken at Kaiapit, Papua
                            New Guinea 29 May 1952     Unbeknown to the pilot, Captain Tom Deegan, the starboard
                            tire had gone flat while the aircraft was in flight from Port Moresby to Kaiapit. The resultant
                            drag caused the machine to tip up on its nose.