Cessna 172                                                                 c/n  46059

                                        This shot is from Barrie Colledge and shows the Royal Victorian Aero Club's first
                                        Cessna.  Barrie would like to get shots of some of the others, viz VH-RVO, -RVQ
                                        and -RVR if anyone out there has them.    This machine entered service in Dec 1958.
                                        It was allotted US civil rego N4159F but that was probably a 'trade plate' rego, and
                                        never painted on the aircraft.   By this time I  had already left Australia for the USA
                                        so these late 1950s shots are, strictly speaking, outside the era of my own collection.  
                                        It was repainted, soon after this photograph was taken, in the (then) livery of the club,
                                        namely light blue fuselage, dark (navy blue) stripe and day-glo orange fin and rudder,
                                        as seen in Geoff Goodall's photo (below) taken at Parafield in November 1962 when
                                        the aircraft was visiting from Moorabbin..  When sold by the club in March 1963, it
                                        was re-registered VH-CHA and, as such, is still flying in Western Australia.