VH-LFI   Cessna  172H  Skyhawk                                     (c/n 17255094)


                                   This is one of these aircraft that I waiver about whether I should include them or not.  Clearly it was
                                   registered VH-LFI long after my cut-off date of 31 December 1970 for inclusion in this selection of
                                   photos. It  was originally the former VH-KWS,  imported in late 1966 and was N1699F when ship-
                                   ped out from Wichita.   In 1976 it became VH-KGB and in the late 1970s was owned by the Tumut
.                                  Aero Club.    In 2009 it was reregistered VH-LFI as a replacement aircraft for the Cessna 172G of
                                   the same registration which was destroyed in a severe storm (180 kmh winds) at Gayndah, Qld on      
                                   29 October 2007.