VH-KWK (2)  Cessna 210B                            (c/n  57792)


                                      This was Rex Aviation's sales stock VH-RBV, reregistered when it was sold to KWK Transport
                                      of Perth in May 1963.  Merv Prime's shot above was taken at Perth Airport in April 1964.     The
                                      210 replaced a 182D which was traded in to Rex and changed to VH-RLC.   Two years later when
                                      KWK was awarded a contract for flights into short strips in the northeast of WA, the 210B was traded
                                      to Hawker de Havillands on a new Beaver (see next entry). At that time this -KWK was re-registered
                                      VH-IWK (presumably to minimize the amount of paint required to change it), but illustrates just why
                                      the Oz civil register can be so challenging!     This aircraft is still current today as -IWK and is privately
                                      owned in Victoria.