VH-KVN  Cessna A188 Agwagon                                 (c/n 188-00180)

                                        VH-KVN was registered to Masling Aviation at Cootamundra in June 1969  . David Carter found
                                        it parked in a hangar at Albury when he visited in March 1970.  On June 8, 1972, –KVN was struck
                                        off the register as destroyed by fire at Cootamundra. This may have been was a case of the paperwork
                                        finally catching up with an 18-month-old reality . Masling Aviation suffered a hangar fire on December
                                        5, 1970 that destroyed C172K VH-DZX, FR172E VH-REJ, C310J VH-RLY and an unidentified
                                        Agwagon.  The odds are that this Agwagon was VH-KVN because no other is listed as being lost
                                         in a fire at Cootamundra.    Can someone produce a picture of –KVN after the 1970 blaze?