VH-KVI  Cessna A188 Agwagon                                (c/n  188-0191)


                                       VH-KVI was registered to Hazelton Air Services of Cudal in October 1969.    David Carter’s
                                       photograph  above shows it in Rex Aviation’s assembly hangar at Bankstown before its first flight
                                       in Australia    . It was still with Hazelton in 1976 and was certainly still operating in the Central
                                       West when it came to grief on February 2, 1988.      Taking off near Bathurst, the aircraft flew
                                       into an area of sink and was unable to clear the trees       . It crashed to the ground.  The pilot,
                                       despite serious injuries, was able extricate himself from the cockpit before the wreckage was
                                       consumed by flames.     It took almost three years before officialdom caught up and -KVI was
                                       not struck off the register until November 1990.