VH-KVC  Cessna A188 Agwagon                              (c/n


                                        Nice dusk shot (lightened up a bit) of a working Agwagon taken by John Wheatley at Toowoomba
                                        in 1971 .  The aircraft was owned by Merv Ward's Pastoral Aviation.    Unfortunately, shortly after
                                        this photo was taken, (on 22 July 1971) the aircraft suffered a complete power failure during a spray
                                        run near Toowoomba..  The pilot attempted to land in a small paddock, but the left main wheel was
                                        torn off by a small embankment, whereupon the aircraft continued to fly for a further 192 feet, before
                                        finally landing on the right wheel only, resulting in a ground loop.  The aircraft then caught fire and was