VH-KTD Piper PA31-310 Navajo                                         (c/n 31-574)

                                 Versatile Farm Machinery was the owner of –KTD when David Carter photographed it at Mascot
                                 in 1976.  It had been registered since July 1970 after flying to Australia as N6636L. In its final years,
                                 –KTD was being used for skydiving, with rails bolted to the outside of the fuselage  above and below
                                 the cabin door     . CASA revoked the Navajo’s registration in July 2009. At the time, the owner was
                                General Aviation Maintenance of Essendon.    Unlike most such revocations, –KTD’s  was not revers-
                                ed and the registration has since been reallocated.