VH-KSZ  Auster J/5 Adventurer                    (c/n  2890)


                                     Looks as if the sign writer was on a sicko when the maintenance crew/restorers rolled this bird out
                                     at Coldstream (near Lilydale, Victoria) in August 1967.   He clearly had not gotten around to paint-
                                     ing the rego on the fuselage (or, more likely, fin and rudder in those days) by the time Geoff Goodall
                                     took this photograph.   Fortunately, Geoff got the angle right and the identity is clearly visible under
                                     the port wing!   By December 1973 that situation had been rectified as evidenced by the shot (below)
                                     taken by Greg Banfield at Point Cook, Victoria.  This aircraft is now owned by Dennis Hourigan of
                                     Melbourne and, at last sighting, is, I believe, sporting a nice authentic Auster livery.