VH-KSV  Auster J/1 Adventurer                        (c/n  2884)


                                    The three images on this page are from the Geoff Goodall collection.  Above, and clearly illustrat-
                                    ing the classic lines of an original Autocrat, is this nice study taken at Beverly, WA in November
                                    1970.  The original owner of -KSV was Langley George Hancock, who become Australia's richest
                                    man from iron ore mining in the Pilbara.  Every story published on Lang Hancock's life describes
                                    his favorite anecdote of flying in this Auster low over hills near what later became the first big iron
                                    ore open-cut  mine at Mount Tom Price - he saw iron ore seams in the sides of the hills and later
                                    did his own geological survey and found massive reserves of iron ore.   The photo below was given
                                    to Geoff by Lang himself to augment a talk given some years back about Hancock's line of all the
                                    aircraft that he had owned over the years.   Anyway, back to -KSV.   On 1 December 1973 the
                                    aircraft took off from Lynwood Farm, Vasse, WA some 7 miles (11 km) north of Busselton, piloted
                                    by M.E. Armstrong (who was not in possession of a PPL at the time).   After take-off the aircraft
                                    turned and flew back low over the strip and then commenced another turn whereupon it stalled,
                                    dived into the ground, and was totally destroyed by fire.  (You just gotta keep that nose down in
                                    tight turns, mate).   Sadly, Armstrong and two 16 year old youths were killed.  The image of the
                                    remains on the bottom of the page is from the archives of  "The West Australian" newspaper photo