VH-KSR  Auster J/5 Adventurer                       (c/n  2872)


                                     This aircraft was registered to a C. Gatenby of Madang, New Guinea in 1949.   However, the
                                     location and date of this photograph are unknown, although it appears not to be anywhere in
                                     PNG.   The aircraft was an early J/5 and, such, in the photo below, from the CAHS archives,
                                     it is displaying its UK name 'Autocrat' on the tail.       Kingsford Smith Aviation, the agents for
                                     Austers in those days gave this increased hp model provided for the Antipodes the local name
                                     of 'Adventurer'.  Sold by Gatenby, -KSR went Wagga Air Taxis and Flying School in Dec 1954
                                     and was subsequently re-registered VH-WFB in 1958 and VH-WEA in 1960.    It crashed and
                                     was damaged beyond repair at Barellan, some 25 miles east of Griffith, NSW in 1965.