VH-KSJ  Auster J/5 Adventurer                   (c/n    2808)


                                      Externally the four seat Adventurer was indistinguishable from the its early three-seat sister craft,
                                      the Autocrat.   CASA  merely lists the VH-KS series as Auster J/5s.   I originally called them
                                      all Autocrats, but evidently the 2800 series c/ns were, in fact, Adventurers.  - KSJ is seen above
                                      at Orange, NSW in October 1962 in this photo by Bob Neate (via Geoff Goodall).    It was re-
                                      registered VH-WAY two months after this shot was taken (1 December 1962) and then was
                                      off the register in the 1970s.  Restored in 1980, it became VH-RJP and is still currently registered
                                      under that identity.