VH-KSH  Auster J/5 Adventurer                            (c/n  2805)


                                   This early (1947) import into Australia was still on the register into the new millennium, registered
                                   to Gregory Shaw of Esperance, WA.       By 2007, however, its CofA appears to have lapsed.
                                   Geoff Goodall took the shot above at Swan Hill, Victoria in March 1965 and also the one immed-
                                   iately below at below at Shepparton two years later, where it had been treated to an over-all white
                                   scheme.  I recently (March 2013) heard from Ross Stenhouse who has now acquired -KSH and
                                   given it to his son as a restoration project, so maybe we will see it flying again at some time in the
                                   future.  It is currently being stored at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield in Queensland.  Ross provides
                                   the photo at the foot of the page, which was possibly taken before Geof'f's upper one.