N5052E  (became VH-KRX [2])  Aero Commander 680W          (c/n  1751-4)


                                        N5052E was a 680W Turbo Commander II which operated in Australia from mid 1968 to May
                                        1969 under lease, following which is was registered VH-KRX (2) from 16 May 1969 to 9 July
                                        1971.   It was registered to Rockwell-Standard, c/o Executive Air Services Pty Ltd, the Australian
                                        distributors.  As VH-KRX it was leased to King Ranch (Australia) Pty Ltd.  At the expiration of
                                        this short term lease it returned to the US as N5052E.   Greg Banfield saw it (above) at Mascot on
                                        6 December 1968.   I am sure there are photos extant of it as -KRX somewhere.   It later became
                                        N951HF and then N951HE.