VH-KRA  (2)  Aero Commander 680F                                    (c/n  1036-52)


                              This 680F Commander was imported in July 1962 for King Ranch (Australia) Pty Ltd and given an
                              appropriate registration.    Greg Banfield took the above shot at Mascot in October 1962.  It was
                              not a new machine, but had been sold by Air Carrier Service of Washington, D.C. where it was prev-
                              iously registered N6205X.     In fact, the Australian rego has been somewhat crudely painted over the
                              US 'tail number'  in the same spot on the top of the fin.    This aircraft later went to Adastra  Aerial
                              Surveys and, as such, its history is fully recorded in Ron Cuskelly's superb website at