VH-KQD  Cessna A188 Agwagon                  (c/n  188-0247)


                                       I do wish Rex Aviation had painted a longer tail to the 'Q' (Quebec) rego on this Agwagon when they
                                       assembled it at Bankstown in November 1969.   Only a very close inspection can differentiate it from
                                       an 'O' (Oscar).        Anyway, when the above shot was taken at Narrabri, NSW by Ray Deerness in
                                       March 1970 the aircraft was operated by Narrabri Air Taxis.       This turned out to be its only owner
                                       since it was written off in a crash near that locale on 8 September 1976 when it struck power lines
                                       whilst spraying and was destroyed in the resultant fire..  Fortunately the pilot escaped unhurt.  Mike
                                       Vincent photographed the remains (below) at Narrabri at the end of September 1976.