VH-KPB  Beech G-50 Twin Bonanza                         (c/n  GH-114)


                                      When this Twin Bonanza was imported from the US im 1966 (it was formerly N6011) it suffered
                                      from the then current malady of displaying the tail identification in tiny numbers/letters.    Clearly
                                      when it arrived in Australia as Kevron Photographics' second aircraft the US rego was merely
                                      painted over and VH-KPB applied in the same minuscule font.   See the photo below by Newell
                                      Bell (via John Hopton) taken at Essendon in November 1966 to see what I mean.    By the time
                                      Geoff Goodall took the above shot at Perth's Jandakot Airport in February 1970, it was sporting
                                      a more readable fin identity.   Kevron later traded it for a Beech B60 Duke which was then given
                                      the -KPB identity.