VH-KOT   Cessna 172H Skyhawk                           (c/n 17255503)

                                     Shipped from Wichita to Australia, VH-KOT came on to the register in May 1967. David Carter’s
                                     1970 photograph above was taken at Camden.           –KOT was tragically lost on June 12, 1976
                                     during a flight from Cootamundra to Bankstown, where it was operated by Air Training.     Despite
                                     warnings the weather conditions in Sydney were not suitable for VFR operations, the pilot set off
                                     anyway with his two passengers.     When he radioed Bankstown 109 minutes later, he was told
                                     Bankstown was not open to VFR traffic other than in an emergency and Camden and Hoxton Park
                                     suggested at alternatives.   The pilot then advised he was in cloud and low on fuel and sought radar
                                     assistance to the nearest airport   . As he was being guided to Camden,  -KOT run out of fuel and
                                     ditched into Lake Burragorang, 14 miles short of the airport.     The pilot was able to swim ashore
                                     but his passengers, a father with his eight-year-old son, drowned.        The pilot was subsequently
                                     convicted and jailed for manslaughter.