VH-KNC   Cessna 205                                         (c/n 205-0144)


                                  The model 205 was basically a 210C with fixed undercarriage.  Itis listed on the register as a
                                  210-5, the offical Cessna identity.  In 1963 it was de rigueur to have a tiny rego on the rudder.
                                  I have enlarged John Bland' shot above to show this below.     The titling on the fuselage read
                                  read 'Kenair Pty ltd - Bairnsdale Aiport', and aircraft was registered to the Kenworthy family
                                  and had a nice red and white finish.  It subsequently had several bouts of being 'off the register',
                                  although is still current today and owned by Middlebrook Air Services of Gunnedah, NSW.