VH-KMF   Cessna 205A                                (c/n  205-0553)


                                     The Cessna 205 was essentially a model 210C with a fixed tricycle undercarriage.  It was initially
                                     designated the 210-5, although later this nomenclature was dropped.         Even so, many of this
                                     model appear on the Australian Civil Register as 210-5s.     VH-KMF was a later production
                                     machine and was, in fact, one of the last built.     It was formerly N4853U and was slated to be-
                                     come VH-DFR when first registered although this was not taken up.   It was first registered on
                                     9 October 1964 to Navair Pty Ltd, a thriving charter and flying school operator at Bankstown
                                     whose fleet used the initials of its founder Ken May.   It then spent much of its career as an aerial
                                     survey machine and spent time with Adastra from November 1974 to May 1975.    The photo
                                     above, from the CAHS archives (via Phil Vabre), shows it being utilized in that industry.    It was
                                     withdrawn from use in December 1994    Below is a photograph of -KMF taken by Greg Banfield
                                     at Mascot in March 1975 by which time it had been purchased by Adastra.Aerial Surveys. .