VH-KLA   Piper PA-25-180/A1 Pawnee                     (c/n  25-577)


                                       This early Pawnee has been modified as a "razorback" and with two seats (which I always thought
                                       was a rather ugly conversion).   Additionally, the 150 hp original power plant was swapped out for
                                       a 180 hp unit.    VH-KLA began its career as one of many Pawnees with Les Keys Aviation in
                                       Dalby, Qld and was first registered on 9 August 1962.    When its agricultural days were done it
                                       was employed, like so many of its kin, to glider towing duties and it is seen above, in this shot from
                                       the Roger McDonald collection at Forbes, NSW in October 1977 whilst working for the Gliding
                                       Club of Victoria..  It is still current and registered to a company in Leongatha, Victoria.